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Digital Signage


Your app can drive Digital Signage display screens (flat screen monitors) located throughout your school. Please contact Support if you would like this feature to be enabled.

The Dashboard menu includes Slides and Displays in the Digital Signage section. The Slides screen is for creating and managing content to display on your Digital Signage. You won't often use the Displays screen, which is for monitoring and setting up your Digital Signage display screens.

By default, every Display will cycle through all Slides. See: Assigning Slides to Display Location

NOTE: Slides created from accounts with Editor access, such as student leaders or other non staff persons, will need to be approved from an account with Administrator access before the content goes live.

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Slide Creation

Adding a Slide

  1. Click the + button next to Slides in the App Dashboard.
  2. Enter a slide Title. Pick a descriptive title to help organize your content. This does not appear on the screens.
  3. Unselect Show if you do not want it to be displayed just yet.
  4. Optional: Override the default frame design by making a choice for Template:
    • Full Screen: Sizes your content to fill the screen.


Adding Content

  1. Either use the preselected background color, or select one for yourself
    • Click the color bar
    • Either the select your desired color, or type in the hex code for your color if you have one
    • Note that with the Full Screen template, the background color will only be used if your image does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  2. Add content using one of these methods:
    • Use the online Editor. Read more: Editor Guide and formatting tips
    • OR, upload an image, or MP4 video:
      • Click Upload
      • Click Choose File
      • Navigate to the file on your computer
      • Select the file on your computer, and click Open
      • Note: the image will fill the screen if it has a 16:9 aspect ratio
      • Note: please do not upload Office documents or excessively large video files.
    • OR, use an external website (see also Video):
      • Click External URL
      • Navigate to your desired content in your web browser, find the URL of your content from the address bar of your web browser
      • Copy the URL
        • Highlight the entire URL
        • Right click the URL
        • Click copy
        • Right click the blank field under External URL
        • Click Paste
  3. Make sure that the Show option is selected if you want your content to be displayed.
  4. When done inserting your content, click Save.

Video Support

To display video on the Digital Signage your media should be hosted on a media server such as YouTube. Follow the instructions above for an External URL. For URL, you can enter a link to a YouTube video.

You can enter any link to a YouTube video like https://youtube.com/... or https://youtu.be/...

Due to YouTube rules, a special "Embed" URL is required, but we'll automatically convert the URL you enter if needed. If you enter the "Embed" URL yourself, you must add "&mute=1". Otherwise, the video will not play when the slide is shown.

Microsoft PowerPoint

You can export your slides as images, then upload them as described above.


Microsoft PowerPoint Animation

You can export your slide(s) as a video. Video is supported as described above. Here are detailed instructions on using PowerPoint animation with Digital Signage.

Google Calendar

Want to show a Google Calendar on your Digital Signage?

Note that the calendar must be public for these instructions to work. Contact Support for assistance with using a private calendar.

In Google Calendar, click Calendar Settings for the calendar of interest, and then over to the right of the row labelled Embed this calendar, find a link that says Customise the colour, size and other options. Clicking that link takes you to the Google Embeddable Calendar Helper. Turn off the user interface features that you don't want on your slide:

Then look in the box under Copy and paste the HTML below. The HTML code starts with "<iframe src=". Please contact Support for assistance with extracting the URL from this for your Slide.

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Message Ticker

The Message Ticker shows messages that are typically also shown on the Messages screen of your app. In the Dashboard, this is under Messages to All.

To add a message, click Add Message to All (top right of screen).

Each item has a checkbox for Show in App and Show on Digital Signage. You can uncheck the latter to remove any items you don't want in the ticker.

In the Sender column, you can see who created each message. If it says "RSS", that means it came from a website post.

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Calendar Events Ticker

The Events Ticker shows events that are typically also shown on the Calendar of your app. In the Dashboard, go to Calendars and find the calendar(s) where the For column is "Sunnycrest High School".

To add an event, edit the calendar, scroll to the bottom, and enter a new event in the the blank row.

To remove an event, click the X in the right hand side of the screen, then Save.

Note: If you have an External Calendar, the events may be synced to your website calendar.

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Assigning Slides to Specified Displays

Do you have specific slides to show at the gym, cafeteria, front desk, etc.?

By default, every Display will cycle through all Slides. However, you can also add Slides to Slide Collections, and assign a Slide Collection to each Display, so that a subset of slides can be chosen for each Display.


To have a set of Slides displayed only on 2 Displays by the gymnasium:
  1. In the App Dashboard, under Displays, click on the first Display.
  2. Find the Slide Collection field and click in the box. The list of Slide Collections is initially empty. Type "Gymnasium" into the box, then click on the highlighted "Gymnasium" text that appears below. (You are adding the first item to a list of Slide Collections.)
  3. Click Save
  4. Go the second Display. Click in the Slide Collection field. Choose "Gymnasium" from the list and click Save.
  5. Now, the Displays will only show Slides that you add to the "Gymnasium" Slide Collection.
  6. In the App Dashboard, under Slides, edit each Slide that you'd like to include: Click in the Slide Collections field and choose "Gymnasium" from the list that appears. Then click Save.
To have a Slide displayed everywhere, including the gymnasium:

Once you have set the Slide Collection field for a Display, it will only show Slides from a matching Slide Collection. Slides with an empty Slide Collections field will only be shown on Displays with a blank Slide Collection field. However, you can choose multiple Slide Collections for a Slide. Therefore, to have a Slide displayed everywhere, including the "gymnasium", you need to set up a Slide Collection for all of the other displays as well:

  1. For all the non-gymnasium Displays, set the Slide Collection field. You might choose to enter something like "General".
  2. Choose both "Gymnasium" and "General" in the Slide Collections field for the Slide that you want to show everywhere.

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Monitoring Digital Signage

If a display stops working or is accidentally turned off, you don't have to wait for someone to report the problem. You can be alerted by email. To set this up:

  1. On the Displays screen, make sure the Monitor checkbox is checked for each one.
  2. On the Dashboard's Annual Setup/App Configuration screen, enter an email address for the Alert Email Recipient.

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